AME Drafting Service, Inc.

Complete 'Concept-to-Manufacturing' PCB Design Workflow Support

The use of Contract Design Services is a very cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house PCB Design staff.

AME Drafting Service, Inc. provides Contract Service Support in the areas of PCB Design, Schematic Capture, Library Creation / Maintenance and Manufacturing Documentation.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado  80129
Phone: 720.881.1548
PCB Design expertise includes a diverse range of Prototype/Production Electronic Circuits and Sub-Assemblies in such market areas as: Aerospace, Broadcast, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military, Mining
* AutoCAD Fabrication and Assembly Drawings (v2005 AutoDesk)
Industry proven techniques in DFF (Design-For-Fabrication), DFM (Design-For Manufacturability) and
DFT (Design-For-Test) are strictly adhered to for insuring consistent, high quality, high volume manufacturing success.
I welcome the opportunity to be an integral member of your Design Team and look forward to showcasing my talents on your next Schematic Capture / PCB Design project.

Eric Spletzer
Owner / Senior PCB Designer

I have over 40 years experience in the Electronics industry:
A wide range of Software Tools are utilized to design PCB Layouts for today's cutting-edge technology, as well as providing Legacy Support for older projects:
(Earlier software versions are also maintained, additional CAD tools are available. Please call for details.)
* Xpedition Design Capture Schematic and Xpedition Enterprise PCB (VX.x Mentor Graphics)
* PADS Logic Schematic and PADS Layout / Router (VX.x Mentor Graphics)
* OrCAD Schematic (v16.2 Cadence)
Whether you're faced with tight
PCB Design deadlines or have a
'back-burner' project that you would like cleared from your que, my vast design background will insure a smooth transition from your initial concept ideas to a manufacturable PCB Layout Design.
Give me a call / email to discuss your PCB Layout needs or for additional information:
Eric Spletzer
Owner / Senior PCB Designer 720.881.1548
With this extensive background in Electronic Engineering and comprehensive PCB Design skills, my
impeccable attention to detail will insure an innovative and accurate solution for any of your complex design requirements.
* 27+ years as a PCB Designer, 15 years as an Engineering Technician / Associate Engineer
* DxDesigner/Viewdraw Schematic (VX.x Mentor Graphics)